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Creating Space for Joy!

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Providing home organizing, decluttering, and move preparation in Central Connecticut.

Let's Meet

Hi, I'm Joanne

My passion is helping to bring order, harmony, and beauty into home and work environments. Clearing clutter and creating more efficient use of space simplifies our lives, freeing up time and energy for the people and activities that are most important to us. Revitalizing the energy in our homes has a beneficial effect on our health as well. Creating harmony in our physical surroundings helps to reduce stress and promotes physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing and peace of mind. Whatever space in your home needs reorganizing—living area, playroom, kitchen, bedroom, closets, basement, attic or garage—it is my joy to help you achieve your goals, and create more space for joy!


"Your home can be a place of renewal and hope. It can be a sanctuary
in which you can retreat and recharge during the changing times.
our home can be a template of harmony. . ."
- Denise Linn


Inner Harmony Organizing

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